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Posted by Annette Grider Barfield on 20/07/2014   Email

This is a worthy cause and I support this museum. These are wonderful people, having hosted my father, B24 pilot, of the 479th squadron back in 1999. Blessings

Posted by Cris L. Leoonard on 30/06/2014   Email

My father, Vernon Calvin Leonard AMM3c, served at Dunkeswell in VB-103.

Posted by Robert Paul on 01/06/2014   Email

I am a nephew of Lieutenant John Glennon Byrnes who crashed in Wales along with his crew on 24 Aug 1944, BuNo 38753. I'm thinking of visiting the crash site and Dunkeswell sometime.

Posted by James Snyder on 25/03/2014   Email

My Grandfather, T-sgt. Donald E. Snyder was in the 479th-4th antisubmarine squadron. I am looking for any information while he was with this group.

Posted by Dr. Lon S. Aucker on 22/02/2014   Email

My Father, Lon E. Aucker was stationed at Dunkeswell in the 1943-1944 timeframe. His rank was Master Sargent and I believe he was an aircraft maintenance air inspector.

Posted by Linda McDermott on 20/02/2014

My Father Ranald Graham was at Dunkswell. He was co-pilot in number 17 BP 103. He currently lives in Louisiana. He completed 60 missions.

Posted by PAUL HUTCHINSON on 24/01/2014   Email

My father, W/O P W L Hutchinson RAFVR, took off from RAF Dunkeswell in a Vickers Warwick on 9th November 1945. RAF told me that on the way back the aircraft was ditched in the Bristol Channel near Porthcawl South Wales. My father and 2 others died, 1 other was picked up by a passing ship. That is very different from what my mother and grandparents told me. They say that he flew from Boscombe Down to Morocco and was brought down by a storm over Bay of Biscay. I am trying to find out exactly what happened. Problem is that my mother is still alive and would have to use her to find out truth which may be too painful for her aged 92. Just wondering if Dunkeswell museum might be able to help me. I have some more basic data from RAF but nothing conclusive. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. Yours Paul Hutchinson

Posted by John Possehl on 18/01/2014   Email

My father, August John Possehl was stationed here until the end of the war. He was with VB-113 until he was switched to a different group. He is now 91 years old and living outside of Atlanta, Ga.

Posted by Mark Brotherton on 07/12/2013   Email

Great site and tribute to those who served

Posted by Bernie on 02/12/2013

I just came across this site on FB .you are doing a fine job keeping these old stations alive .the younger generation need to know some history ..

Posted by PO1 Ron Booth,USN,Ret on 04/09/2013

Very interesting site. Thanks for it. I was attached to USN/USNR P-3 squadrons.

Posted by Joe Bosak Jr on 12/02/2013   Email

My dad served at Dunkswell for 18 months during WWII. He was in the Navy and I believe he was storekeeper (SK3). He will be 88 in June and talks about visiting Dunkeswell.

Posted by Laurens Willard on 03/02/2013   Email

My father, Clarence (Scooter) Willard flew with VB-110 from January 1945 until the end of the war. My thanks to David Sharland and the others at Dunkeswell Museum for preserving this important piece of WWII history.

Posted by Carl Curtis on 19/12/2012   Email

My father, Ferd Curtis AC, flew in the 479th 4th. Looking for photos or docs. Carl

Posted by rancis X. Glennon on 29/10/2012   Email

My 1st cousin Lt. John Glennon Byrnes was killed with his crew 24Aug 1944. I am looking for any photos while stationed at Dunkeswell.

Posted by JOAN RUBIN COAKLEY on 17/10/2012   Email


Posted by dallas jones on 10/09/2012   Email

I served in VB-103 fron apri 1943-1944 IFLEW AS BOMBARDIE