The history of the museum

In 1976, an 11 year old boy named David Sharland started to collect an array of items that would become peices in a musuem. Later two friends of David (Darren LillyWhite and Ruppert Fairclough) also joined him in collecting these peices. David stored these pieces, and these eventually made the groundwork for a museum

The musuem

The musuem was opened on the 4th July 1997 (independence day, to honour the USAAF,US Navy Fleet Air Wing 7 and the RAF) by the museum committee. Most of the peices that David,Darren and Ruppert  had found were then displayed for the first time. This generated alot of tourism to the local area. The museum became well Known all over the world and many people came to visit from all countys.

Now the museum, under certain curcumstances, has had to close. we are currently looking to purchase the old Adminstration buildings that is situated on Dunkeswell airfield. We are appealing to raise about £110,000 to obtain the 32 roomed building.
The museum had a lot of help from different people over the years like Gary Bridger that helped with copying photos and many others.