Aircraft lost from VB-110 Squadron

8th Nov 1943 PB4Y-1 Liberator BuNo 63919 failed to return from their assigned mission in the Bay of Biscay. No communications were received by 19th Group R.A.F Coastal Command. Another US Navy PB4Y-1 Liberator from VB-105 Squadron code (U) intercepted an Oboe Able signal believed to have been transmitted by LT Grumbles plane. No trace of the plane or crew was ever found.

Pilot Lt William Edward Grumbles USNR, Ens Alton Francis, Wentworth USNR, Ens James Thomas Drinkwater USNR, Crew, James Dewrell DennisAMM2c, Winfred Byrd Hay AMM3c, Charles Joseph Kavanagh ARM3c, Arlie Edward McKuin ARM3c, James Henry Cole AOM3c, Gerald Reinard Johnston AMM2c, Carl Fred Kelly S1c

18 DEC 43 A/C: PB4Y-1 Lincolnshire, England BuNo: 63934  Plane diverted to

RAF Station at Beaulieu due to fog and rain. Pilot calculated only fifteen

minutes of fuel left and order crew man there parachutes and bail out. "Strike"

Pilot Lt(jg) George H. Charno A-V(N) USNR/Seriously inj, Lt(jg) Robert G.

Wissman USNR/Ok, Ens Cecil R. Colyer USNR/Ok, Amm3c Walter O.

Leversing/Seriously inj, Acrm Douglas S. Peterson/Seriously inj, Rm3c Archie P.

Oliver/Ok, Aom3c Warren W. Olson/Seriously inj, Sea2c William J.

Clayton/Seriously inj, Sea2c Dewey M. Clark/Ok, Amm1c Winston C. Ketchem/Ok, and

Acrm Boyd S. Barber/Seriously inj.

28 DEC 43 A/C: PB4Y-1 BuNo: 63926 Cause: Just

prior to leaving the search area, he was joined by #12, just above the cloud

tops. An unknown plane came in on starboard quarter and began firing, #5

returned fire. #12 then closed in and fired his deck turret in the general

direction of the unknown plane, which then ducked down into the clouds. #5

reported afterwards by voice radio that there had been two Dorniers along side

of him. #5 and #12 exchanged headings home and #12 heard #5 talking to his

navigator and saying something about taking a heading of 054True, the two plane

proceeded independently. An ETA of 2220 was received at 2215 by Flying Control.

No further communications were received. It was later determined the aircraft

struck level ground on top of a hill on a easterly course at an altitude of

1875-ft and dug a furrow about a quarter of a miles long and ten shot into the

space, striking the ground about 400-ft below the side of the hill. Small bits

of wreckage and five depth charges were scattered along the top of the hill

beginning at the initial point of contact, with most of the aircraft on the

hillside demolished and badly burned. Crew killed: Pilot Lt William Wells Parish

A-V(N) UNSR, Ens Donald Nanley Lyons (co-pilot) A-V(N) USNR, Ens Roger W.

Lovelace A-V(N) USNR, Amm2c Arthur James Stork USNR, Amm2c John Edwin Shaffer

USN, Rm2c Leo Merrill Davenport USNR, Rm3c John Francis Benson USNR, Amm3c

Charles Allen Reynard USNR, Aom3c Alfred Joseph Roddy,Jr. USNR, and Amm3c Dwight

Evertt Nash USNR.

27 FEB 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 BuNo: 63939 Cause:

Anti-submarine patrol. Crashed at sea after hitting Great Skellig Rock in bad

weather:51-46N 10-32W Crew killed: Pilot Lt John Louis Williams A-V(N) USNR,

Lt(jg) Charles William Quigle A-V(N) USNR, Ens Kendall Lee Bowan A-V(S) USNR,

Acmm Willis Elijah Glover USN, Amm2c Gordon Edward Davidson USN, Rm2c John

Ashbury Huffman,Jr. USNR, Rm3c Herbert Carl Crow USNR, Aom3c John Edward

McLaughlin USNR, Amm3c Ernest William Libby USNR, Sea2c Jack thruman Flener

USNR, and Sea2c Morris John Olson USNR.

7 MAR 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 Chivener BuNo: 32210 Cause: While on patrol, 4 engine went

out after oil pressure dropped. Propeller was feathered. Plane directed to

emergency field for force landing. Perimeter lights on Sneldiderof Field were

out of order. During landing approach, 2 engine caught fire; co-pilot cut #1

engine, instead of 2. Landing was made on one engine. In later stage of landing

approach, landing gear struck a hut and was damaged so that it gave away upon

landing. Airplane DBR, all engines require major over-haul. Crew OK. Pilot

Lt(jg) R. B. Meihaus A-V(N) USNR, Lt(jg) J. F. Chulala A-V(N) USNR, Ens R. D.

Kirtley A-V(S) USNR, Amm1c J. R. Sellers, Amm2c R. L. Seruton, Rm2c F. A.

Wilson, Rm3c K. R. Thibault, Aom3c J. E. Nichols, Amm2c J. A. Volpe, and Rm3c W.

J. Flaherty.

9 MAR 44 A/C: PB4Y-1  BuNo: 63946 Cause: Anti-submarine

patrol ETO Airborne at 0856, last radio contact at 2230. Missing at unknown

location. Failed to return from assigned mission. As of 12 Mar 44 it is

concluded that as a result of a combination of a navigation error and a

mechanical difficulty, plane crashed or ditched at sea or in enemy held

territory, or was abandoned in air over Cherbourg Peninsula, France. Missing

crew: Pilot Lt(jg) William H. Ryan USN (T), Ens John J. Shea (co-pilot) USNR,

Ens William Sharkey (navigator) USNR, Amm1c Curtis E. Burger USN, Amm3c Wilbert

H. Schultz USNR, Rm3c Turner J. Howard USN, Rm3c William E. Greenfield USN,

Aom3c Morgan R. Jones USN, Amm3c Harry B. Coombs USNR, and Amm3c Maurice F.

Regan USNR. 

 31 MAR 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 BuNo: 63940 Cause: Anti-submarine patrol. Crashed

at sea. Crew missing: Pilot Lt(jg) Orville Robert Moore A-V(N) USNR, Lt(jg)

Golbert Andrew Rapp (co-pilot) A-V(N) USNR, Ens Robert MacKrueger (navigator)

A-V(S) USNR, Amm1c Sam Roy Clayton USN, Amm2c Walter Anthony Bozrich USNR, Rm1c

Wesley Nelson Swanson USNR, Rm2c Paul Immel Jordan USNR, Aom2c James Robert

Stewart USNR, Amm2c Henry Oliver Prather USN, and Sea2c Gerald Preston Enfinger


24 OCT 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 BuNo: 32236;Operational mission.

During take-off run and three-hundred yards from start at about ninety miles per

hour indicated airspeed, the port tire blew out. Plane served fifteen degrees to

port before pilot could correct it. Plane stayed on runway for about

one-hundred-seventy-five yards, then ran off into grass, port wheel hit runway

light and a one and half foot hole two feet square thirty five yards further at

fifty miles per hour. Port gear was sheared off and plane skidded to a stop.

"Strike" Crew Ok: Pilot Lt Arthur G. Noehren A-V(N) USNR, Ens B. L. Brougham

A-V(N) USNR, Ens J. J. Egar A-V(N) USNR, Amm3c J. J. Lee USN, Amm3c J. Shekitka

USNR, Rm2c H. Mack USNR, Rm3c A. R. Rosenburg USNR, Aom3c S, P. Gordon USNR,

Aom3c N. W. England USNR, and Amm3c D. A. Fraser USNR.


 04 MAR 45 A/C: PB4Y-1 Dunkeswell

BuNo: 38838 Cause: Training flight; Overshot landing,

failed to apply brakes properly. Damage:Nose wheel torn away, under portion of

bow torn away, fuselage buckled from stations 1 to 3 and forward part of

station 4, wing root of starboard wing:DBR Crew Ok: Pilot Lt(jg) L. J. Papas

USN, Lt(jg) R. C. Gardemal USNR, Ens W. A. Volpers USNR, AMM2c W. S. Kosowski

USNR, AMM2c R. W. Likins USNR, ARM1c A. C. Keinati USNR, ARM2c M. L. O' Connell

USNR, AOM2c J. D. Vece USNR, AMM2c F. T. Gossman USNR, and ARM3c L. G. Rider